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Hi Friends!!

I have been working hard over here behind the scenes photographing and working on my painting. I have a full fall calendar so don’t have a lot of time to work on my new love but have been sneaking some time in on rainy days. I will no longer be photographing sessions as I have in the past. Current clients on my schedule as well as baby planners need not worry. Your sessions will continue as planned. I am not taking on any new clients right now and will likely not do so until I have had a bit of time to better perfect my new style of photographing and painting. I am still working on the logistics of everything but what I do know, and can tell you, is that I will still be photographing your children but our only goal during the session is to capture a photograph with the purpose of that photograph being oil painted. There will be no more general newborn, child, family sessions where you get a gallery of different poses and backgrounds. All sessions will be heavily planned from background, clothing, where the painting will hang in your home, frame choice, etc. I will be offering custom framing and am doing that myself and really enjoying what little I have done so far. I have been able to justify purchasing cool framing guns, tapes, paper, hardware, and such. I love buying supplies. I am working on a more formal approach to studio portraits that I am not quite ready to show yet, but soon hopefully:)I have been luckily enough to have some of my current clients commission portraits of photographs that I have taken recently so I have been enjoying creating and painting those. I will also be changing my name just a bit. As much as I LOVE being Ell photography (my initials), sadly, it isn’t quite fitting for what the future holds. I already have my current logo designer working on painting my name in the same style as my ell. I will be changing my website and Facebook page to Erin Lato shortly as well. I will still be photographing but that will be such a small part compared to the oil painting so I thought it fitting to change my name. The turn around time for the portraits will be around 3-4 months from the time the photograph is taken until the final piece is presented. I have fallen in love with working with oil paints but….they take pretty much forever to dry. I have a feeling you will agree that it is worth the weight though.  I learned something today, art is hard to photograph, lol. The varnish on the painting is very reflective so if any master art photographers are viewing this, please excuse my ignorance. This little beauty is going to her forever home in the morning and the frame just came in this afternoon so I only had a short window of time to work with but couldn’t wait any longer to show all of my friends and clients what I will be doing from here on out. So here she is….my very first painting!! I am so excited to show her off! I have 6 or 7 more in my queue to paint when time allows so lots more sharing in the future!!




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Hi everyone! If you are wondering why I haven’t been posting many photos lately, there is a reason. I am currently booked for the remainder of the year and have decided to stop shooting for a bit to work on a personal project that I hope to be able to offer to clients early next year. If you are one of my baby planners, have a scheduled session, or we have talked about a session, don’t worry, your session will still take place, this is just for new clients and sessions. I have a fabulous referral for all mommies to be and who I will be referring all newborn clients who contact me to Rachel Ezzo Portraits. She a total sweetheart and will have a studio right down the road from me. She has a fabulous simple style and loves neutrals just like me. 

I hope to have a few pretty pictures of what I will be offering next year very soon

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This little guy was just so sweet for his photo session. I loved how we were able to capture him with his two doting big furry brothers. Sometimes, ok, most times, lol, dogs are harder than children but for the most part, these guys cooperated just fine. I can’t wait to see this little man and his sweet parents in a few months for their next session!

Baton Rouge Newborn photographerPIN SITE IMAGEBaton Rouge Newborn PhotographerPIN SITE IMAGEBaton Rouge newborn photographerPIN SITE IMAGE

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I love photographing maternity sessions. I also love photographing moms with their families whether that be human children or ones of the four legged furry variety. I get a lot of requests for “can I being our dogs too?” and my friends joke with me about how I always have dogs in my sessions (dogs can be tougher than children mind you, lol) but I love it! And I also love that we live in the day and age of supremely awesome software that can help me further create great portraits even when not everyone is looking their best at exactly the same time. Anyway, how beautiful are these 2 pups?! They are gorgeous! They also came along for the newborn session and I am so glad that they did. We got the sweetest portraits of them looking over their new little brother. Those photos will come shortly:)

Baton Rouge Maternity PhotographerPIN SITE IMAGE

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